Growing Jewish Communal Leaders

The Darrell D. Friedman Institute for Professional Development at the Weinberg Center provides training and leadership development opportunities to professionals and lay leaders serving the Jewish community. Learn how you can expand your skills and competencies.

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Well-Being and Leadership In a Time of Crisis

  Well-Being and Leadership In A Time of Crisis At times like these, we come together as a community to support one another. DFI, a division of the Center for Leadership, is there to support your well-being and growth as a professional in the Jewish community.  It is vital that we all remain connected, our souls and minds […]

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In light of recent events, the celebration of professionals will take place when we’re all back to our offices, at a time where we will have the opportunity to recognize everyone for their hard work and perseverance through these difficult times. This year, we will not be highlighting four individuals, but rather all of us […]

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