Let’s explore the impact that Jewish values and tradition have on the important work we do in our community every day. Let’s talk about our relationship to one another and our relationship with Israel. Let’s grow in our knowledge and love of Judaism through our sources.

Jewish Learning

Exploring the role of Jewish values, tradition, and community in our work through the following methods:

  • People skills with regard to Diversity, Denominational differences, Disagreement and debate, and Jewish customs.
  • Ethical dilemmas in the workplace, and privacy and confidentiality.
  • Jewish customs, values, social justice, educational basics, text study, organized Baltimore Jewish community.
  • Israel partnerships, politics, diversity, religion, global Jewish community

Master’s degrees in Leadership in Jewish Education and Communal Service and/or Jewish Studies.
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Brown, Dr. Erica: Inspired Jewish Leadership: Practical Approaches to Building Strong Communities
Cohen, Norman J., Moses and the Journey to Leadership: Lessons of Effective Management from the Bible – Today’s Leaders
Laufer, Nathan, The Genesis of Leadership: What The Bible Teaches Us About Vision, Values, And Leading Change?
Teutsch, David A.; Making a Difference: A Guide to Jewish Leadership and Not-For-Profit Management
Books on Judaism and Jewish Thought, Leadership and General thought, and Jewish Fictionclick here

Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh Library
The Lookstein Center for Jewish Education
sefaria.orgTo find sources on Jewish text on any subject

American Jewish Press Association
Baltimore Jewish Times

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