Mindful Work – Part I

Date: 03/16/2020

Time: 9:00 am - 10:30 am

Location: The Weinberg Park Heights JCC Community Room

Facilitator: Stacey Meadows, LCSW-C, Certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor

This is a two-part series, and participants are strongly encouraged to attend both sessions.

Mindful Work, Part One:  Mindfulness Tools and Techniques to Prevent Burn-Out and Restore Balance in Life and Work.

An introduction to the concept of mindfulness, this program will invite participants to learn and practice mindfulness techniques that will restore energy and creativity, reduce stress and anxiety, and can easily be integrated into a busy work/life schedule.

Mindful Work, Part Two:  Mindfulness Tools and Techniques to Optimize Productivity and Leadership Performance at Work.

Building on session one, part two of this program will focus on the ways in which a mindfulness practice can be incorporated into our work and management responsibilities.  Participants will learn and practice techniques that enhance our own focus and effectiveness, as well as cultivating a culture of mindfulness to benefit the productivity and engagement of those we work with.


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