How has your community work been impacted since starting your fellowship?
I started my Fellowship with one employer and will be completing it with another. The Fellowship has really highlighted for me that the skills that will enable one to make the largest professional contribution are ones that transcend the specific location of employment; rather, they are skills that can benefit an individual no matter where they work. For that matter, they can benefit an individual outside of work as well. One concept we studied was “constructive conflict,” which has given me a new appreciation for how to best approach and move through a conflict of any type.

What would you like to accomplish once your Fellowship is completed? I would of course like to make sure that I put into practice all of the learnings from my Fellowship, to include the learnings from the year-long DFI-sponsored leadership seminar in which I have participated and the learnings from the various outside sources I have tapped into. I also want to make sure that I continue to seek out and take advantage of further opportunities to learn—both in my professional and in my personal life.

What have you used you Friedman Fellowship funds towards? I have used my Friedman Fellowship funds for a variety of conferences, including the annual IACCA (International Association of Conference Center Administrators) conference, the 2016 JPRO Network Conference, and an HR-specific conference hosted by a law firm. I have also used some of the funds for professional coaching sessions. Finally, I recently used funds to support my pursuit of a specific HR certification, which I completed on July 12, 2017. I have used funds both to purchase the extensive study materials and to pay the entrance fee for the upcoming exam. I am deeply grateful to Jakir Manela and Pearlstone Center for nominating me for this fellowship, to DFI for affording me the opportunity to grow and develop as a Jewish communal professional, and to Beth Tfiloh (my current employer) for supporting my continued participation in the Fellowship.

Do you have a favorite leadership quote or mantra? I once read an article about Lenny Robinson z”l, a Baltimorean who took on the persona of Batman in order to bring joy and provide support to hospitalized children. In that article, Mr. Robinson said, “Remember, at the end of the day, ask yourself, ‘Self, did I make a difference?’ And the answer had better be yes.” That sentiment really resonated with me. I have it enlarged and framed at my desk, so that I am reminded every day to commit myself to making a positive difference.

Share a bit about yourself: what do you do outside of work? I have three daughters (ages 9, 9 and 10) that keep my husband and me quite busy outside of work. We enjoy doing family-oriented community service activities and traveling—whether it is a day trip nearby or a non-location destination. Our favorite trip was a family trip to Israel last summer, where 12 members of my family covered a combination of sightseeing, community service, and visits with our Israeli relatives.

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