A series for professionals working in the Jewish community, in partnership with the Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning, CJE and DFI.

Facilitator: Rabbi Jonathan Gross
Time: 11:45 – 1:00
Location: CJE, 5708 Park Heights Ave (2nd floor conference room)

Register at: www.tinyurl.com/meltonbaltimore

Fees: $125 course fee plus $45 book fee. (May be paid by your organization); $125 is subsidized by DFI and CJE. (total: $250 +$45)

This course provides students with the opportunity to consider the challenges of Jewish acculturation to American life, and the sacrifices as well as the contributions that have been made over the past 200 years. Rabbi Gross will bring each session relevant to Jewish culture and identity today.

Oct 3 – Timeline of American Judaism

Oct 10 – The 3 Generation Hypothesis

Oct 17 – Jewish Commitments Enriched and Weakened

Oct 24 – General Education, Jewish Education, and Jewish Americanization

Oct 31 – Jews as Creators of American Culture

Nov 7 – Anti-Semitism, the Holocaust, and American-Jewish Self-Understanding

Nov 14 – Zionism and the State of Israel Through the Eyes of American Jewry

Nov 21 – More American Than Americans

Nov 28 – American Jewish Fiction

Dec 5 – Is the American Jewish Cup Half-Empty or Half-Full?

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