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Gather virtually with your colleagues to explore how you can become a more effective leader in an ever changing environment.


10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Featuring: Ruth Messinger, Political and Social Activist, former CEO of American Jewish World Service

Celebrating 10 Years of Friedman Fellows

Select one breakout conversation upon registration. Lean in!

  1. Experimentation and Enduring Lessons (Character Traits: Resilience and Curiosity)
    Our current environment has forced us to be creative. How do we harness our new openness to experimentation? What do we hold on to and what should we let go of? What did you learn that you can share with others? What will be sustainable in the future?
  2. Building Community Online (Character Traits: Compassion and Honor)
    How do we create a sense of community virtually? From life cycles events to Zoom meetings and programs, how do we ensure people feel connected and supported? Intimate connections, uplifting events, moments of meaning, how do we make it happen?
  3. Remain Relevant: Move from RE-action to PRO-action (Character Traits: Courage and Confidence)
    How can I develop a growth mindset and empower myself to step up in this moment in time? How do I stay productive and relevant? How do I collaborate with my colleagues to have a greater impact on our organization?
  4. Managing Today While Envisioning the Future (Character Traits: Wisdom and Balance)
    There are so many pressing issues in our world today, that require our attention.  How do we properly meet this moment while creating a vision for the future? We are clearly “in between.” How can we continue to stay focused on pressing needs while also preparing for what comes down the line 6 months or even a year from now?

Zoom meeting ID will be provided in your registration confirmation.All programs are open to staff of all backgrounds and professional roles.

The Darrell D. Friedman Institute for Professional Development at the Weinberg Center is a department of Na’aleh: The Hub for Leadership Learning, an agency of The Associated that offers community-wide interactive and inspiring learning opportunities for professionals and volunteers to connect and grow as leaders working together to ensure a vibrant Baltimore Jewish community.

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