Customer Service Training

“Who is honored?  He who honors others.”  – Ben Zoma

Creating a welcoming atmosphere, and providing a high level of customer service, is an integral component of any organization’s ability to provide successful, high quality service.  In our own lives, each of us can recall examples of both exemplary customer service as well as inferior customer service.  Often, it is the inferior service that stands out in our minds.  This training will help define what constitutes a welcoming atmosphere, highlight the keys to successful customer service and demonstrate what steps you can take to ensure that you and your company are creating a welcoming environment within your organization. This will be taught through a Jewish lens.

DFI offers your staff a one-hour lunch time training in your organization, with a trained facilitator.

Participants will be able to:

  • Define customer service, particularly for themselves and their organizations
  • Consider customer service through a Jewish lens
  • Examine the 7 cardinal rules of customer service
  • Explore the impact of positive and negative customer service through scenarios and exercises
  • Review key takeaways to improve the ability to deliver high level customer service


To bring a facilitator to your staff to review the 7 cardinal rules of customer service and explore the related Jewish values, please contact Cindy Goldstein at or 410-843-7563.

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