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Leadership Library

The leadership library below equips you with skills and knowledge to make you a more effective leader. These resources are curated from materials used over the years by ACHARAI, DFI and The Associated. Also, note the VIDEO leadership resources which can be accessed here:

Resource Name Date of Post
Audit Committee Role 2/13/20
Benefits of Board Self-Assessment 2/13/20
Board Chair – Role 2/13/20
Board Development-Mentor Program 2/13/20
Board-more 2/13/20
Board of Directors – Role 2/13/20
Budget Finance Committee – Description 2/13/20
Case for Giving Facilitators-Guide 2/13/20
Creating a Process of Succession – Planning 2/13/20
Dvar-Torah Tips 2/13/20
Dvar-Torah Examples 2/13/20
Examples of Board Self-Assessment 2/13/20
Example Succession Plan Policy 2/13/20
Executive Committee Description 2/13/20
Governance Committee Description 2/13/20
Guide for Facilitators 2/13/20
Guide to Nomination on Selection Procedure 2/13/20
Helpful Books and Online Resources 2/13/20
Investment Committee Description 2/13/20
Jewish Values and Ethics 2/13/20
Leadership Ice-Breakers 2/13/20
Management and Engagement Tools 2/13/20
Maximizing-more 2/13/20
Mentoring-Future Leaders 2/13/20
Mid-Year Check-In Sample Questions 2/13/20
Navigating the Lay-Pro Module 2/13/20
New to a Board 2/13/20
Overview The Lay Pro Relationship 2/13/20
Planning a Board Retreat 2/13/20
Principles of Effective Committee Work 2/13/20
Setting Goals 2/13/20
Using Effective Communication 2/13/20
The Gift of Asking Facilitators Guide 2/13/20
The Gift of Asking Module 2/13/20
Transition-Interview Questions 2/13/20

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