The 70 Faces of Diversity and Inclusion

By Miriam Gross, Engagement Coordinator at the DFI


When we explore our relationship with the diversity within and around the Jewish community, the idea of Shivim Panim Latorah stands out as a perspective altering tool in that process. The midrash lets us know, in the midst of a discussion regarding measurements in the Temple service, that there are 70 faces or 70 ways to understand each part of the Torah.

Jewish discourse depends on this concept – we require diversity of opinions, perspectives and values. Affirming the legitimacy of multiple perspectives, our sages take a step further and maintain this stance even when ideas conflict: the principle of Elu Velu Divrei Elokim Chayim – ‘these and [also] these are the words of the living G-d’ – is the reality that when


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