Melton Mini-Series: Maintaining Balance In Our Hectic Lives

Modern Living FlyerMondays, February 29, March 14, March 21, March 28 – $18 for all four sessions

Work-Life balance issues affect productivity and the overall satisfaction and loyalty of employees. Left unaddressed, work –life balance issues often lead to burn-out and a higher employee  turnover rate.

Searching for ways to find balance in our lives is a recurring theme, and is especially relevant for Jewish professional leaders, who work AND live in the Jewish community.  In this series of discussions on 4 topics we will explore Jewish texts that will provide food for thought in prioritizing and integrating different aspects of our lives.

1. Focus on Work and Community – Cindy Goldstein, Alison Zimbalist
In reality, most of us spend a very large percentage of our lives at work or involved in communal organizational activities. And for many of us those are one in the same! In this session, the texts discuss the important value of both work and community involvement. Both compete for our time and energy in maintaining the work-life balance.

2.   Focus on Family – Amian Kelemer
Considering what is best for our family as a unit ranks as one of the highest priorities. How do the Torah and other Jewish texts articulate the importance of family? This lesson will introduce several priorities associated with family life for consideration and discussion.

3.   Focus on Self – Lisa Bodziner
“If I am not for myself, who will be for me?” In the midst of balancing our lives we must not forget about our own needs in the process of extending ourselves to other people and concerns. These texts to be studied emphasize the infinite value of each individual and care for oneself.

4.   Finding the Balance – Larry Ziffer
This final session includes illustrative texts of rabbinic interest in creating balance in Jewish life. The participant can read between the lines of these texts where the rabbis had to address head-on growing imbalances in the lives of the members of their communities. There is much to be learned from our history and tradition!


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