An online learning platform to enhance your leadership and management skills.

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For Professionals

We are offering online learning for all Professionals working in the Jewish community.

MindTools is a customized e-learning platform that is rich, interactive and engaging, that is performance focused and proven to make a lasting impact.

The Mind Tools website has over 2,000 resources and helps thousands of professionals in four continents. These resources have the ability to help you learn and develop new skills.

You will find different articles, videos, podcasts and expert interviews on leadership, management and personal excellence skills. You can implement your own personal development plan or help your organization by developing your team using Mind Tools resources as the basis for your conversation,

Na’aleh/DFI is using Mind Tools in its communities of practice and now is inviting you to build your skills through Pop Up learning and a cohort series, which you’ll find below.

Register for a workshop below and we’ll be sure you receive an invitation to register and login to Mind Tools so that you can do the brief pre-work and explore the site. Be ready to share, explore and learn from each other, as Mariana Antoniuk leads you to discovery.

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POP-UP LEARNING – Managing Self and Others

(limited to 25 participants in each)

  • Managing conflicts

12/01/2020, 12pm-1pm – We’ve all seen conflicts in our work environment. They can be damaging but if we know how to manage them they can help us to do our work more effectively. We will look into different causes of conflict and how to best handle them.

  • Change management in the work environment

12/08/2020, 12pm-1pm – Trying to implement change is a difficult task, but it’s often necessary. How can I inspire and engage others towards change? In this learning session we will see different steps in how can I bring a change that I care for in a specific environment.

  • Am I a leader – How we see leadership… and become the leaders we want to be

12/15/2020, 12pm-1pm – We will explore in this session our understanding of leadership, be introduced to a new perspective that differentiates leadership and an authority position and discuss different situations where anyone can practice leadership.

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