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Greg Abel – Marketing

Made to Stick –

The Best Place to Work –

Youtulity –

Managing Right for the First Time –

Podcasts: HBR Ideacast


Mandy Diamond – Leadership

–  As is Simon Sinek’s book “Start with Why”


Elaine Rosenblum, ProFormU® – Collaborative Communication

Suggested Reading:

Getting to Yes – Roger Fisher and William Ury

Choosing Civility – P.M. Forni

Broad Influence- Jay Newton – Small

When You Say Yes But Mean No – Leslie Perlow – How Silencing Conflict Wrecks Relationships and Companies

Humans are Underrated – Geoff Colvin

Difficult Conversations – Doug Stone

Fierce Conversations – Susan Scott


Rina Goloskov – Social Media


Naphtali Hoff – Giving and Receiving Feedback


Larry Ziffer – Jewish Values

The Book of Jewish Values – Joseph Telushkin

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