Welcome to DFI’s Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit. Our goal is to empower professionals working in Jewish organizations to maintain the Jewish value of “b’tzelem elo-him”, the idea that every person is created in G-d’s image. This tool will ultimately enable all organizations to have access to a full range of resources and Jewish education modules to encourage dialogue and inspire cultural change on behalf of diversity and inclusion in their organizations. The resources cover such topics as: gender Identity and sexual orientation, disabilities, interfaith families and inter-racial diversity, as well as denominational differences. We invite you to create a profile and share the programs, videos, articles, discussion topics, and Jewish texts, that have informed the work of your organization. 

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Education, Programs and TrainingPrograms, facilitators, discussion guides, assessments
Jewish LearningJewish text-based sources related to diversity and inclusion
Organizationsorganizations related to diversity and inclusion
Personal Perspectivesarticles and videos reflective of people’s experiences
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