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In 1913, ADL was founded on Jewish values that inform our work, how we operate and the changes we seek in the world. It has always meant stopping anti-Semitism and defending the Jewish people. Today, it also means fighting threats to our very democracy, including cyberhate, bullying, bias in schools and in the criminal justice system, terrorism, hate crimes, coercion of religious minorities, and contempt for anyone who is different.

ADL is a proven leader in anti-bias education that teaches young people to embrace diversity and stand up to bias because we are stronger together.

As a leader in the field of anti-bias education, ADL provides current, relevant curricula and customizable, interactive training programs that incorporate the latest research.

A CLASSROOM OF DIFFERENCE™ has trained thousands of educators, counselors and administrators, and reached thousands more families and students, from grades pre-K through 12. The Peabody Award-winning program has led to A CAMPUS OF DIFFERENCE™ and A COMMUNITY OF DIFFERENCE™, which address bias at colleges and universities and in community settings. All these programs are part of ADL’s flagship A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute.


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