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The Build the Toolkit Sweepstakes will reward existing and new users of the toolkit with the chance to win one of three $15 Amazon gift cards. Winners will be randomly selected at the conclusion of the promotion and notified via email. The promotional period will start May 9 and run through May 23.

Congratulations to our first round of winners!
* Missy Richardson (Pearlstone)
* Amy Steinberg (JCS)
* Aviva Schwartz (Center for Leadership)

Our second round sweepstakes will begin on June 17th, and run until July 31st.

The toolkit contains resources for organizational self-assessment and modification, programs on education and awareness, national and local resources, Jewish texts and discussion prompts designed to actualize deep conversations on these topics. The resources cover such topics as: gender identity and sexual orientation, disabilities, interfaith families and inter-racial diversity, as well as denominational differences.  This process is meant to be self-perpetuating, educational and empowering to the organizations.  We invite you to create a profile and share the programs, videos, articles, discussion topics, and Jewish texts, that have informed the work of your organization. 
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