Developing a Common Language for Intersectional Movement Building

From the Selah Leadership Program, a listing of common language terms and definitions for intersectional movement building.    Please follow and like us:Favorite

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5 Tips For Being An Ally

5 Tips for Being and Ally- watch HERE. Please follow and like us:Favorite

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Create a Sensory Path

A sensory path is meant to help a child use their own bodies and environment to calm themselves down. Find out how to create a sensory path in your space.  Click here to learn more Please follow and like us:Favorite

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GLSEN Teacher Resources

GLSEN has resources that address these topics and much more.Take a moment to watch the video and explore GLSEN’s educator guides and lessons to support your curriculum and practices.Find a resource you like? Download and use it, then share with […]

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Free ABA Workshops

Learn about how to use ABA – applied behavior analysis to manage challenging behaviors at home and in the classroom ABA Workshop Please follow and like us:Favorite

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Nine Methods For Improving Workplace Diversity

Modern workforces are becoming increasingly diverse, as leaders strive to include more people with varied experiences, backgrounds and cultures into the workplace environment. It’s no secret that such an array of workers can generate a host of ideas and solutions, […]

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Are You Biased? I am.

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Teams Solve Problems Faster When They’re More Cognitively Diverse

Is diversity the key to a successful team? Cognitive diversity has been defined as differences in perspective or information processing styles. It is not predicted by factors such as gender, ethnicity, or age. Here we are interested in a specific […]

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20 Colleges With Great Inclusion Programs for Students With Disabilities

Guide to inclusive college programs for students with disabilities.  These programs are truly inclusive and not segregated programs for students with disabilities. Click here to read more. Please follow and like us:Favorite

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Resource Books on Racial Equity

This list was provided by Tirrany Thurmond, Equity Advocate/Educator, who led our first Diversity, Equity and Inclusion workshop in 2019 on Intersectionality and the Power of Inclusive Language. Books on topics such as the history or white supremacy and racism, […]

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