Disassembling the “Manel” and Building Representative Jewish Communities

Three Rabbinical Students, One Opinion: Disassembling the “Manel” and Building Representative Jewish Communities By Talia Kaplan, Lilli Shvartsmann, and Emily Volz  For many, the image associated with the word “rabbi” is a white man with a beard. This is understandable […]

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Everyone’s an Antiracist. Now What?

Opinion: from The New York Times Recognizing that Black people deserve dignity isn’t progress.  “Antiracism requires the opposite: engagement. We are starting to see it in the demands for police reforms, in the growing white rejection of symbols of white […]

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Let’s Make Jewish Spaces More Welcoming for Black Kids Like Mine

By Nina Essel for Kveller Before we even discussed marriage, my husband and I spent a significant amount of time talking about how we would meld our two worlds together. I grew up in a Conservative synagogue in upstate New York in […]

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A recent conversation on diversity, equity, and inclusion put a spotlight on the hard work associations are doing. The next step should address how leadership mirrors those ambitions. By Mark Athitakis, for Associations Now   “Until we change leadership, this […]

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White Jews – Wake Up. We’re Part of the Problem.

By Matt Fieldman   I want to speak to white Jews like myself: people born into middle-class families, who have done as well or even slightly better than our parents. We are everything our immigrant grandparents and great-grandparents hoped we […]

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Racism in the Frum Community

 The Kol Isha Podcast: Episode 13 Racism in the Frum Community: Batyah Delmoor, Yaffy Newman, and Ilana Ygbi all share something in common – they are all frum women of color, but each also has a unique background and perspective. I […]

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How to Start Making Real Change in Your Organization

We talked to Yale SOM leadership expert Heidi Brooks about how leaders should respond to structural inequality and racism. She says that many companies have a bias toward taking quick action that is ill-suited to a complex and ambiguous issue. […]

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Jewish& Blog

Giving voice to the racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity of Jewish identity and experience. Jewish& is a blog by Be’chol Lashon that is distributed by My Jewish Learning. Our contributors give voice to the racial, ethnic and cultural diversity of Jewish […]

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Brené with Austin Channing Brown on I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness

Austin Channing Brown’s anti-racism work is critical to changing our world, and her ability to talk about what is good and true about love, about our faith, and about loving each other is transformative. She is a writer, a speaker, […]

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What we in the Black community need from Jews right now

In the wake of the recent lynchings in the Black community, a lot of my Jewish friends are asking me “How can we help?” and “What needs to be done?” What should be the response of the Jewish community to […]

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