Aviva Cohen
Darrell Friedman Institute

I’m Not Waiting For Halacha To Catch Up With Queer Rights

 In Personal Perspectives

I’m in the middle of a talk with a mentor who is trying to help me explain the work I do.  I’m an orthodox Jew building a Jewish community, and one that focuses particularly on out-of-the-box thinkers and identities who tend to be marginalized in our world.  A “farbrengen” is a religious gathering which combines food and alcohol to create an environment of mutual spiritual uplifting by giving everyone a voice to share what’s in their hearts.  We add to this creativity, an option to share who they are from an artistic place.

“Well… there are some communities that need to be catered to more distinctly.  As accepting as our mixed farbrengens are, there will always be some aspect of it that will cause queer Jews to feel excluded. Creating a space just for them allows them to be fully themselves.  That’s also why we do women’s ones.”

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