Aviva Cohen
Darrell Friedman Institute

Institutional LGBTQ Inclusion Audit Workshop

 In Education, Programs and Training

A Resource from Keshetonline.org


What kinds of messages does the public face of your institution send to LGBTQ members or prospective members? What kinds of pictures are used on your website? What language is used in your listserv posts or newsletters? Often communities engage in the work of exploring the spiritual, ideological and halachic aspects of being or becoming LGBTQ inclusive but don’t revise their public “face” to reflect new positions or perspectives. This session will give you some guidelines for helping institutions and organizations understand the multi-faceted process of bringing the ideological and spiritual practice of inclusion into alignment with the material and cultural “face” of the institution. We will use a comprehensive lens to explore everything from signage to membership forms, from marketing materials to where to place program ads and how we define target audiences for programs. Join us to examine best practices and explore often overlooked ways to make our institutions more LGBTQ inclusive.

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