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Darrell Friedman Institute

Meeting the Moment With Leadership

 In Education, Programs and Training

Unrest requires leaders willing to lean in and not shy away from the realities of racism.

Our nation is at a monumental inflection point. Unrest, unbearable pain, suffering, and our oldest unresolved issue continue because we haven’t had the courage to face one of the nation’s most uncomfortable truths–racism exists and it’s especially acute for Black people in America.
And while the protests seem to have subsided, the tension simmers beneath the surface. Most leaders have not yet had to seriously contend with and have actively avoided conversations centered on race, often opting to talk about less contentious subjects that don’t create discomfort.

However, we are now at the point of no return and it’s time to embrace the uncomfortable. Racism is an issue that can no longer be ignored.

Leaders face an outsize role in ensuring that all organizational actions are proportional to the magnitude of what’s happening. HR professionals in particular are on the front lines in ensuring that their employees are fully supported and heard. As leaders attempt to face the unknown, here are some actions to consider when attempting to effectively meet the moment: here


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