Synagogue Assessment Tool: from URJ

This assessment from the United Reform Judaism’s Audacious Hospitality program can be used to evaluate where your synagogue or organization can improve in the area of inclusivity. Favorite

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A resource from This exercise gives participants an opportunity to investigate how a perceived shared identity can in fact contain significant diversity. By articulating all the different aspects of their identities, participants will have an opportunity to consider how […]

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Institutional LGBTQ Inclusion Audit Workshop

A Resource from   What kinds of messages does the public face of your institution send to LGBTQ members or prospective members? What kinds of pictures are used on your website? What language is used in your listserv posts […]

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Diversity and Inclusion Organizational Assessment

Is your organization optimally accessible? Use this tool to determine how inclusive your synagogue, school, or agency’s policies and physical space is. Favorite

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The Kirwan Institute is excited to publish the fourth edition of its annual State of the Science: Implicit Bias Review to deepen public awareness of implicit biases and the challenges they pose to a society that strives to treat all of its […]

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Union of Reform Judaism’s Audacious Hospitality Toolkit

The Audacious Hospitality Pilot Toolkit is an effort to support congregational and Jewish communal leaders – clergy, staff, lay leaders, members of the congregation, and community members at-large throughout North America – as we work to embrace the diversity that […]

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