Meeting the Moment With Leadership

Unrest requires leaders willing to lean in and not shy away from the realities of racism. Our nation is at a monumental inflection point. Unrest, unbearable pain, suffering, and our oldest unresolved issue continue because we haven’t had the courage to […]

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A recent conversation on diversity, equity, and inclusion put a spotlight on the hard work associations are doing. The next step should address how leadership mirrors those ambitions. By Mark Athitakis, for Associations Now   “Until we change leadership, this […]

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Kick-Start Your Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives With a Focus on Equity

Avoid These 3 Common Mistakes in Your Organization’s Diversity & Inclusion Efforts You know that accessing the full potential of all your talent is a strategic imperative – studies have repeatedly shown that diverse teams drive better business performance, and companies with more […]

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After the Protests and Statements of Solidarity, What’s Next? Asking Ourselves Hard Questions

By Stefanie Rhodes and Ruth Messinger We are two white Jewish women committed to honoring diversity and striving for justice. We are also a mother and grandmother of Jews of Color. Over the past several weeks, we have felt a […]

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Dear Jew in the City, With all the horrific shootings going on recently, it got me thinking about racism in the Jewish world. I’ve heard people claim there are racist sources in the Torah and Talmud. I hope that’s not […]

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Nine Methods For Improving Workplace Diversity

Modern workforces are becoming increasingly diverse, as leaders strive to include more people with varied experiences, backgrounds and cultures into the workplace environment. It’s no secret that such an array of workers can generate a host of ideas and solutions, […]

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Inclusion Innovations

Shelly Christensen is a dynamic, inspiring, and motivating keynote and workshop speaker who raises belonging and inclusion in faith communities to a place of possibilities and action. Her passion for teaching faith-based organizations how to support people with disabilities and mental […]

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20 Colleges With Great Inclusion Programs for Students With Disabilities

Guide to inclusive college programs for students with disabilities.  These programs are truly inclusive and not segregated programs for students with disabilities. Click here to read more. Favorite

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What it’s Really Like to Fly as a Wheelchair User

(CNN) — Fear of flying is far from unusual, but I struggle with the lesser-known fear of flying logistics. It’s common knowledge among wheelchair users that there’s more to successful completion of a safe, comfortable flight than taking off smoothly and […]

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Welcome: A Text Study from URJ

Our roots as a Jewish People began in hospitality. Learn our origins with this text study from URJ’s audacious hospitality toolkit. Favorite

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