Let’s Make Jewish Spaces More Welcoming for Black Kids Like Mine

By Nina Essel for Kveller Before we even discussed marriage, my husband and I spent a significant amount of time talking about how we would meld our two worlds together. I grew up in a Conservative synagogue in upstate New York in […]

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Jewish& Blog

Giving voice to the racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity of Jewish identity and experience. Jewish& is a blog by Be’chol Lashon that is distributed by My Jewish Learning. Our contributors give voice to the racial, ethnic and cultural diversity of Jewish […]

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Jewish Funders Network: “Guide to Jewish Values and Disability Rights”

This book aims to inspire Jewish communities to more fully integrate disability into our conversations about Jewish values – and to affirm the potential for a powerful connection between Jewish tradition and movements for disability justice. By bringing Jewish texts […]

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This classroom poster shows how traditional Jewish values serve as guidelines for creating an inclusive community. Click here to purchase. Favorite

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Multi Family

Mindful Parenting: Raising a Child with Judaism in Your Interfaith Family

Over the years I’ve enjoyed—and benefited greatly from—the practice of mindfulness meditation. Studying and practicing mindfulness has helped me to be less judgmental (of myself and others), to be more present in the moments that make up my life and […]

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For black Orthodox Jews, constant racism is exhausting

Op-Ed: For black Orthodox Jews, constant racism is exhausting Chava Shervington says the Orthodox Jewish community is beautiful, and better than its racism suggests. Favorite

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Deaf Women speaks about her seat in synagogue on High Holidays

“An Open Letter to the Woman who Sat in my Seat on Synagogue – From the Deaf Woman who Needs It.” An excellent perspective on dealing with disabilities in every day religious life. http://jewishvaluescenter.org/jvoblog/deaf Favorite

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Dignity of Difference: A place for Everyone at the Shabbat Table

Are our Jewish institutions reflective of the diversity we see in the Jewish community? Abby Knopp challenges the audience to recognize diversity within their own communities and questions whether our Jewish institutions are as inclusive as they could be.http://elitalks.org/dignity-difference-place-everyone-shabbat-table Favorite

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