A resource from This exercise gives participants an opportunity to investigate how a perceived shared identity can in fact contain significant diversity. By articulating all the different aspects of their identities, participants will have an opportunity to consider how […]

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Institutional LGBTQ Inclusion Audit Workshop

A Resource from   What kinds of messages does the public face of your institution send to LGBTQ members or prospective members? What kinds of pictures are used on your website? What language is used in your listserv posts […]

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LGTBQ Terminology

A glossary of basic terminology for LGBTQ sexual orientation and gender identity. (updated September 2017)   Favorite

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Jewish Resources from Keshet

Suggested Resources for Jewish Educators, Parents, and Youth Program Leaders: a focused list of key resources that may be most helpful to Jewish educators. Favorite

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Keshet: Training and Consultation

Creating celebratory and inclusive spaces for LGBTQ Jews and allies Looking for ways to make your Jewish institution safe and inclusive for LGBTQ Jews, but don’t know where to start? We’re here to help. For more than 10 years, we’ve trained […]

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This classroom poster shows how traditional Jewish values serve as guidelines for creating an inclusive community. Click here to purchase. Favorite

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