Saving for Children with Varying Abilities

By Ben Temin, Career Coach for the JCS Career Center Ask most parents to make a list of things they want to do for their children, and saving for the future will surely make the top 10.  While many open […]

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20 Colleges With Great Inclusion Programs for Students With Disabilities

Guide to inclusive college programs for students with disabilities.  These programs are truly inclusive and not segregated programs for students with disabilities. Click here to read more. Favorite

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Beth Tfiloh Congregation: Minyan Meyuchad

Beth Tfiloh Congregation sponsors a monthly service for teens and adults with special needs called Minyan Meyuchad, led by Mrs. Susan Coleman. Participants take part in a meaningful, adapted Shabbat service followed by Shabbat lunch. Signing for individuals with hearing impairment is […]

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Kol Echad: Inclusive Shabbat

Kol Echad: Inclusive Shabbat is a Shabbat service that welcomes families of ALL abilities. The service travels to 6 Baltimore area Synagogues of all denominations monthly. Synagogues and Agencies Collaborate on Sensory Friendly Shabbat Favorite

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4 Ways to Help Your Child Bond with Playmates that have Special Needs

Written by the parent of an autistic child, this article lists 4 ways to help integrate children of all levels of ability. Favorite

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Growing Up with a Sibling Who Has Special Needs

For twenty-one years I have had a brother who has High-Functioning Autism. Some might say that having a sibling with any type of special need can be difficult, challenging, often times overwhelming, and even frustrating. However, being a sibling to […]

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All The Things I CAN Do

Sometimes I hear people talking about disabilities as something negative. I have Autism so sometimes I have trouble understanding things I read or what people are saying, and it is also hard for me to understand their emotions. Favorite

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