Beth Tfiloh Congregation: Minyan Meyuchad

Beth Tfiloh Congregation sponsors a monthly service for teens and adults with special needs called Minyan Meyuchad, led by Mrs. Susan Coleman. Participants take part in a meaningful, adapted Shabbat service followed by Shabbat lunch. Signing for individuals with hearing impairment is […]

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Kol Echad: Inclusive Shabbat

Kol Echad: Inclusive Shabbat is a Shabbat service that welcomes families of ALL abilities. The service travels to 6 Baltimore area Synagogues of all denominations monthly. Synagogues and Agencies Collaborate on Sensory Friendly Shabbat Please follow and like us:Favorite

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4 Ways to Help Your Child Bond with Playmates that have Special Needs

Written by the parent of an autistic child, this article lists 4 ways to help integrate children of all levels of ability. Please follow and like us:Favorite

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Growing Up with a Sibling Who Has Special Needs

For twenty-one years I have had a brother who has High-Functioning Autism. Some might say that having a sibling with any type of special need can be difficult, challenging, often times overwhelming, and even frustrating. However, being a sibling to […]

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All The Things I CAN Do

Sometimes I hear people talking about disabilities as something negative. I have Autism so sometimes I have trouble understanding things I read or what people are saying, and it is also hard for me to understand their emotions. Please […]

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