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White Jews – Wake Up. We’re Part of the Problem.

 In Personal Perspectives

By Matt Fieldman

I want to speak to white Jews like myself: people born into middle-class families, who have done as well or even slightly better than our parents. We are everything our immigrant grandparents and great-grandparents hoped we would be socio-economically. My own grandfather came to this country after World War I from Poland, orphaned and accompanied by his six siblings, with not a penny in their pockets. He would be thrilled to see his college-educated Jewish grandchildren and great grandchildren, firmly entrenched in the middle class, enjoying our white collar jobs, owning homes in suburbia, and sending our children to Jewish day school and overnight camp. The beneficiaries of intergenerational wealth and status, we are the very definition of white privilege.

I’m writing this to call us out; out of love and brotherhood, I want white American-born Jews like myself to step up for racial justice. Full article

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