Standing on One Foot – DFI Leadership Video Series

Constructive Conversations to Bridge Differences
Rabba Yaffa Epstein

Difficult Conversations
Dr. Erica Brown

The Importance of Trust
Dr. Erica Brown

Making Mistakes
Dr. Erica Brown

Marcy Schwab

Marcy Schwab

Making a Request
Marcy Schwab

Breathe Through Your Fear of Public Speaking
Lynda Katz Wilner

For more video tips Lynda Katz Wilner – Successfully Speaking Video Library

Public Speaking – Planning Content
Mandy Diamond



Audience Engagement
Mandy Diamond

Reducing Anxiety About Public Speaking
Mandy Diamond



Tips for Mastering Tricky Conversations and Making Impactful Presentations
Deborah Grayson Riegel

Jewish Sources on Conflict Resolution
Leslie Klein

What Influences and Shapes People
Rebecca Weisman

What Causes Conflict?
Dena Schoenfeld


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